Govt. Grants & Subsidy Schemes Consultancy

  • From experience we have found entrepreneurs, industrialists, consultants, agriculturists and others   concerned with the promotion of industry are not aware of most of the Govt.subsidy schemes and   grants, hence, benefits of government subsidy schemes are limited to few people. In order to ensure that subsidy schemes reach the targeted beneficiaries it is necessary to have a fair and transparent   business procedure and bring the procedure in public domain.
  • We at MRCA are providing consultancy to all types of Industries in connection to Incentives/Subsidies available under various Incentive Schemes of Govt.
  • For getting subsidies and grant-in aid from Govt. departments, we take up these assignments from preparation of application up to disbursement of the subsidies / grant in aid.
  • Besides the Grants & Subsidies various organizations/Govt. departments offers Venture capital/interest free loans for new business. We assist such units to avail of these benefits.